The Gay Kama Sutra – Sex Props


The Gay Kama Sutra is a guide for gay sex that I collected from different sources. I hope that it can be useful for the new guys who are starting their gay life, and I’m sure that active gays could find some new ideas and tips there.

Sex Props
What is Penis Extensions?
The food of love
Lube for Sex
Cock Rings
All about dildo

What is Penis Extensions?

Extensions and Sleeves are hollow, penis-shaped dildos that are designed to fit over your own penis. They can be used to increase penis length or width, and to sustain or simulate an erection. If you have no problem with getting or maintaining an erection and would just like the increased size or to provide additional stimulation for your partner then consider purchasing a Transformer, Extender or Stimulator.Penis Extensions can be used to increase the length or girth of your penis, to sustain an erection, or increase the pleasure you give to your partner. A Penis Extender is hollow and is simply placed over the end of the penis. The difference between the Extensions offered here is size (extension can increase penis size 1.5 – 3 inches), materials and colors. If you experience erectile dysfunction then a Penis Extension with a Strap or Penis Extenion with a Harness is a better choice for you. If you are very small and have had problems in the past using condoms consider the Penis Thickner below (which can be trimmed to any length size) and an Extension.


The food of love

If your love life isn’t what it was and you could do with a bit of a boost, try cooking your loved one a surprise meal. If cooking isn’t your thing, use the type of food to let your loved one know just how much you care!Most supermarkets stock a wide range of fruit and vegetables all year round, so there’s no reason why you can’t have strawberries in winter or pears in summer.

Choosing the right foods for your partner depends entirely on their taste. If you’re not sure what they like, try to find out by asking what they would have from an imaginary menu.

Make sure the mood is right. Start by setting the table with a cloth and napkins, light a couple of candles and add some fresh flowers. Once the atmosphere is set, you can begin with the food.

To start, try using fresh prawns, avocado and grapefruit. The soft, velvety texture of the avocado, the succulence of the prawns and the bitterness of the grapefruit create the perfect appetiser to a major main course.

Follow your starter with a main course medley. Use sauces to enhance the romantic atmosphere, through the licking of lips and fingers. To increase seduction, lick your partners’ fingers for them!

The imagery created with a plate of asparagus and corn on the cob dripping in butter, or a bowl of pasta covered in a pesto sauce will not only leave your mouth watering, but will stimulate your sexual senses!

If you’ve managed to make it through to dessert, try combining succulent fresh fruits like strawberries and peaches with melted chocolate or whipped cream.

For a more physical experience try feeding each other, purposely allowing the chocolate or cream to dribble – you can lick it up later!

End the evening in passionately – but remember to practise safer sex by leaving room for your favourite Durex condom flavour!



If you are into male masturbation toys you should check the Fleshjack. Just like the best blowjob or anal sex you’ve ever experienced, the Fleshjack is soft, warm and tight – and you can enjoy it anytime you like!

The Fleshjack is available in 3 different orifice styles to suit your desire, and 6 different insert sensations (including original)! Not only that, you can custom build your own Fleshjack in 3 easy steps, with 70 possible combinations.

I don’t know about you, but the promotion pictures are really make you want to buy this prop.


Lube for Sex

Confused about lubes? Following is a guide on why lubes are a necessity for safe, sexy fun.

Any solution – oil or water based that helps increase motion and cut down on friction can be considered a lubricant – even just plain water.

Everybody at some time is going to need a lubricant and for some sexual activities it an absolute MUST. In this age of safer sex the use of a lubricant on the inside of a condom can make the sensations delivered to the penis much stronger. Anyone that is using some adult sexual aid should consider a lubricant because of the dryness of the materials that adult toys are made from. For anyone engaging in any kind of anal sex a lubricant is an ABSOLUTE MUST! Without lubrication severe damage can occur. There is absolutely no reason to feel any kind of discomfort after sexual activity when applying a lubricant is so easy but there are several things you need to know. Some lubricants can be harmful and some just don’t work as well as others.


Oil based products have been used as lubricants for a very long time. Things like Vaseline and baby oil are petroleum based. The problem using an oil based lubricant is that the chemicals break down and destroy latex condoms as well as the protective coatings around some IUDs and any sexual device made of latex. This can also apply to body oils and creams which are never very good lubricants because they are absorbed into the skin too fast. If oil based lubes are your absolute preference just be aware of the limitations.

The best all-purpose lubricants are water-based and especially formulated to be non-irritating. Once again, buying a lubricant is going to come down to personal preference – some provide light lubrication and some heavy lubrication. Water-Based lubes use two main ingredients: Water and Glycerin. Since the main ingredient is water, water-based lubes do tend to dry up quickly. Make sure to keep a water spray bottle handy to reactivate the lube when it dries up. If lubricants are going to end up in your mouth then a flavored lubricant is what you might consider buying. Water-based Lubes clean up with soap and water.

The newest lubrication products on the market are silicone based. While they make a great body lubricant they also appear to cause damage to some silicone adult toys so your best choice if you are using any silicone products is to stick with water-based lubricants. Like Water-Based lubes, Silicone-lubes can be safely used with all condoms. Silicone-Based lubes are excellent to use because they do not dry up like Water-Based lubes do. Silicone-based lubes are a bit harder to clean up, but a little extra soap and water does the trick.

As previously stated “Never Every Try Any Anal Penetration Without Using A Lubricant”. If you are practicing safe sex oil based lubes are out of the question and you should consider using heavy water based lubricants.

Both Oil based and Silicone based lubricants can damage adult toys. Either use a water-based lube or protect your toys with a condom.

There are many lubricants on the market – once again this is going to come down to personal preference but always do a sensitivity test on your inner arm or inner thigh first before using a lubricant for the first time.


What is a condom?
If you don’t know what a condom is then you are from some other planet but the plain fact is – if you are not in a monogamous (exclusive) relationship where you and your partner have both been tested then a condom is a responsibility you owe yourself. In addition to HIV, there are more than fifty different types of diseases that can be passed through sexual activity and the only way to lessen your risk is to use a condom. If your partner is not willing to use a condom it means they don’t care about themselves or you and it’s time to find a different partner. Remember a condom can Save Your Life! So you don’t have to like them but you HAVE to use them so you might as well learn about them and then check out “Getting Creative with Condoms”!

Types of condoms
Now with that little lecture out of the way there are lots of things to know about condoms and which kind of condom you use is going to depend on what kind of sexual activity you are engaging in, penis size and last but not least – personal preference. Most people don’t realize that condoms are classified as medical devices. Their production and marketing are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration. Every single condom is tested before it is sold. Condoms used to be made of natural skin (including lambskin) or of rubber. That’s why they were called “rubbers”. Most condoms today are latex or polyurethane.

Lambskin condoms can prevent pregnancy, however, they have tiny holes (pores) that are large enough for HIV to get through. Lambskin condoms do not prevent the spread of HIV. Latex is the most common material for condoms. Viruses can not penetrate throught the latex but latex has two drawbacks: oils make it fall apart, and some people are allergic to latex. There generally are three sizes available and size differences are subtle.

Non – Lubricated – Old style that have been around forever – these are best used for oral sex.Plain – Lubed – These are standard-shaped lubricated condoms.
Thin & Sensitive – These are designed for people who feel that the standard condoms do no provide enough feeling.

Spermicidal – These are designed to add another level of protection against pregnancy. Nonoxynol-9 is a chemical that kills sperm (a spermicide). It can help prevent pregnancy when it is used in the vagina along with condoms or other birth control methods. Nonoxynol-9 should not be used in the mouth or rectum. Because nonoxynol-9 kills HIV in the test tube, it was considered as a way to prevent HIV infection during sex. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to it. Their sex organs (penis, vagina, and rectum) can get irritated and develop small sores that actually make it easier for HIV infection to spread. Nonoxynol-9 is not recommended as a way to prevent HIV infection.

Extra Strength – These are the heavy duty industrial variety.

Large – As the name implies these are for the well endowed.

Extra Roomy – Designed to fit a bit looser that some people find increases the sensation and with a reservoir tip.

Flavored – Perfect for oral sex otherwise, the flavors would go to waste.

Textured – These are the fun ones designed to add some additional stimulation.

Polyurethane – Designed for people who are allergic to latex. A latex allergic reaction can be fatal. The symptoms can show up as a simple red rash or something more severe. If you have ever had a reaction to wearing a band-aid then your probably have a latex allergy and should consider using only polyurethane condoms.

Dental Dams – Specially designed as a barrier for use while performing cunnilingus (oral/vaginal sex) and rimming (oral/anal sex) or kissing (someone who has been rimming). When properly used they may help reduce the risk of catching or spreading many sexually transmitted diseases. However, they cannot entirely eliminate the risk.


Cock Rings

All About Cock Rings
Cock rings work because they restrict the flow of blood in the penis. By placing a cock ring at the base of the penis right behind the scrotum both erection and ejaculation can be controlled. Normally, once a man experiences orgasm, he usually loses the erection, but a cock ring can maintain the erection until their partner reaches orgasm. Because the cock ring works by restricting blood flow, you need to be careful how you use it – if it is worn too tight or for too long you can cause broken blood vessels.

How To Use A Cock Ring
Cock rings come in all sizes, materials and constructions. Metal or Rubber Cock Rings are placed in position by first inserting one testicle through the ring, followed by the second testicle, and finally the flaccid penis is pulled through. The penis must be flaccid when putting on a metal ring. Rubber rings are sometimes used under the glands for penile stimulation but are removed for intercourse. Metal cock rings can be hazardous if you need to get it off fast – the only two options are ice to reduce the size of the erection or a bolt cutter to cut it off. If you are a beginner, leather or quick release rubber should be your choice. Leather snap-on rings are placed around the base of the penis below the testicles and are adjustable in size, depending on the snap that is fastened.

Cock Ring Helpful Hints
Cock Rings can be very pleasurable if you observe a few rules. Don’t wear one for more than twenty minutes. Use a small amount of lubrication so that it comes off easily and don’t fall asleep with it on. If you feel any serious discomfort remove it immediately. Also don’t use one if you have any cardiovascular problems, are diabetic or are taking blood thinner medications including aspirin or ginko biloba.


All about dildo

What is a dildo?
A dildo can be any object designed for insertion into the vagina or anus. They have been around for about 2500 years – only the materials have changed. Both heterosexual and homo-sexual men and women can use dildos for personal penetration or shared pleasure with their partners. Sex with a dildo gives complete control over manipulation for personal pleasure. It’s a good way for a woman to keep her vagina toned for intercourse, a great way to have sex without a partner present and a dildo gives way to lots of creative possibilities. There are so many different kinds of dildos that shopping can be a bit confusing. The most important factor in your dildo purchase will be personal preference and the primary use.
Tips & Techniques
Because dildos are dry and somewhat porous they absorb moisture so it is a good idea to always use a lubricant. The muscles of the anus tighten and constrict. If you are a first time user it’s a good idea to lube up and do some external stimulation. The tip of the dildo simulates the head of a penis so moving it up and down on the clitoris will provide great stimulation. Once you feel comfortable you can move on to internal insertion. You can do a few tightening and constricting exercises of the anus muscles first. When the blood is flowing through the area exhale and insert. Do not insert further than is comfortable and remember that you control the experience. Once you feel comfortable, you can start getting creative by placing the dildo on a surface that you can straddle. If you are sharing a dildo with a partner be sure to use a condom.

Dildo Size
The biggest mistake people make in purchasing a dildo is buying one that is too large. While it is true that the body can accommodate many different sizes, keep in mind that a thinner shaft is easier to maneuver.
If you have never purchased a dildo before, try the “Vegetable Test”. Clean up a carrot, zucchini and a cucumber and see what feels best – when you have decided what works then measure the length of the vegetable (both length and diameter) and you will have your answer. If you are not into vegetables the “Finger Test” will also work.
The width of the dildo may be more important than the length. Dildos vary in diameter ranging from 1″ to 6″. As a rule of thumb 1 – 1 1/2″ in diameter will be large enough. The most common dildo lengths are 6, 7, 8 and 9 inches. The average purchase if for a 6-8″ shaft length. If you like very deep penetration, choose a dildo 8″ or longer. You can always thrust less deeply, but you cannot make a dildo that is too short reach further.
Remember that there is a curve in the rectum 3-5 inches in from the opening, so consider something shorter than 3″.
Care and cleaning
After purcahsing a dildo open the package and allow the it to air out so any plastic odors will dissipate. Wash in antiseptic soap and water. A stronger cleaning solution is a bleach and water solution of [1 part bleach to 9 parts water] but read the label for cleaning instructions before using bleach. Your dildo will last longer and be easier to keep clean if you use it with a condom. If you are using it by yourself, make sure that you wash the dildo with antiseptic soap and water after every use and especially moving it from one part of the body to another. Warm, antiseptic soapy water and a thorough rinsing is an absolute MUST! Silicon dildos can be boiled in hot water and even washed in the dish washer. If you have been diagnosed with any type of STD, vaginatis or any other medical problem use a condom so that you do not keep re-infecting yourself. Always use a condom when sharing toys. Make sure to dry your dildo carefully – any left over moisture can cause growth of fungus or mold. Store your dildo(s) in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight or excessive heat will cause disfiguration and fading.



Sling is a prop (usually made of leather and metal) design to help you achieving more having sex in many unusual positions. Slings can be fun. Doesn’t have to be for the hard core S&M sex user. Toss your partner into one of these and see how much more fun sex can be. Get a group around the sling and see how much more fun sex can be.

There are many types of slings but I that can be divide into two major categories:
– Love Slings (Not for hanging)
– Hanged slings

Love Slings
The body slings are actually just a leather straps with leg cuffs at the two ended. It helps get those legs out of the way for anal play, fisting and fucking. The straps provide support to the back and are adjustable so you can really crank those legs up high.
Here’s how the Sex Sling works. You put the cuffs around your ankles and the padded thing behind your neck; you tighten up the straps; and voila! Your feet are high in the air, held there by the tension of the strap.

Other types of body sling can help you stay on your lover’s body (he should be strong enough to carry your weight)

Hanged Slings
There are many types of hanged slings; with 1 point for hanging or more, with straps or harness, with leather sheet or hammock, for hanging on doors, ceiling or a stand.
If you hang the swing on the ceiling, just remember to check that it will hold the weight.

Sling with one connection point for hanging can spin all over. You can really feel like a child in a playground, although the games are not for children.
Try to imagine yourself hooked to a harness sling. Your legs are spread wide open, and several guys standing around you. One is fucking you for few minuets, and then he turn you to the other guy that start to fuck you and then he turn you to the other guy… it’s sound hot, don’t you think?

Slings with several connection points for hanging can only wing to the sides, but most of them give you more support for your back.

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