The Gay Kama Sutra – Sex & Relationship


The Gay Kama Sutra is a guide for gay sex that I collected from different sources. I hope that it can be useful for the new guys who are starting their gay life, and I’m sure that active gays could find some new ideas and tips there.

Sex and Relationships
Sex in Relationships
Spice your sex: Threesomes and Relationships
Spice your sex: Role Play In Sex
Spice your sex: Striptease


Sex in Relationships

Gay couples are not always monogamous and their relationship can be terms as “open”. In these relationships the partners have an understanding about sex outside the relationship.
In closed or monogamous relationships, neither partner sleeps with anyone else and they make a commitment to this effect. There are pros and cons for both types of relationships and advantages and disadvantages in including a third person as well.

Closed Relationships

• The sex life can get boring if both partner’s don’t put effort into it
• Some people can feel they are missing out on something

• Commitment and Trust
• A sense of knowing that your partner only wants be with you
• Safer Sex is always practiced
• Their is no jealousy of your partner sleeping with other people
• You know your partner isn’t going to run off with some person you both slept with

Open Relationships

• You can pick up STD’s from other people
• You can get jealous of your partners sexual escapades
• There is a high chance that the relationship will break down due to one partner meeting someone else
• You can end up not having sex with your partner and ;losing touch and growing apart

• For people with not much experience it can allow them freedom to experiment
• A feeling of individualism can be found
• The relationship can grow in other ways, and if that person is not right for you you can meet someone who is

Regardless of whether you have an open or closed relationship the key to successful relationship is: Communication / Honesty / Trust

A sexual relationship with a long term partner can go through ups and downs, especially if one person is more highly sexed than the other. This is often used as a reason for an open relationship. Whether this is an excuse or not is irrelevant.

Sex however does not have to become boring or infrequent in a relationship. When you are with someone who who love and trust then the door is open to acting out fantasies and trying things that are new.

This might include spicing up your sex life by:
• Role Playing
• Doing it in new places like outside, ona boat etc.
• Being very spontaneous; or planning something very romantic.

Agreeing on a Relationship Type
When agreeing to a certain type of relationship there is a process you should go through to work out what is best for you and your own situation.

– Talk to your partner openly and tell him how you feel and what you want.
– If you disagree on some aspect or aspects then find a compromise that you are both happy with
– Make a firm agreement of the rules and boundaries,. If this means no sex outside the relationship, or if it means you can fool around, but no kissing or anal sex. These are all valid rules
– Regularly discuss the rules and boundaries, they should be flexible, or at least able to be discussed rationally without argument

Communication is the key, as is honesty and commitment. If you break the rules then expect the consequences and be prepared to tell the truth.


Spice your sex: Threesomes and Relationships

Threesomes are very common in gay relationships, often though they are used as a way to appease a partner who wants to sleep around. Before going down the path of inviting someone else into the relationship whether it be for one night, a week or the duration of the relationship, you need to ask yourself why you are doing so.

If there is an underlying dissatisfaction with the he relationship then you need to work this through before inviting some else to join you. Otherwise the third person can split the relationship up.

If it is because the sex life has become a bit staid and boring, then you should try and spice it up with yourselves first.

If on the other hand the relationship is strong and there is good communication already, then you may look for a third person. But having sex with a third person will always change the relationship, regardless of whether you want it to or not!

Finding a Third
Often the best place to find a third person is a club or pub. A cute guy might try and pick one or even both of you up. If you want a threesome proposition him. He can only say no!
You can put an advertisement in a newspaper, the net or a magazine and get a whole stack of esponses.

Ground Rules
Some common ground rules that people have in inviting someone in to have sex with them are:
• No seeing the guy again
• No anal sex (or maybe only between the couple)
• If one partner wants to back out then they both back out
In the end it’s up to you and your partner what you do to spice up your sex life, but before you invite a third or sleep with other people why not try spicing it up just the two of you?


Spice your sex: Role Play In Sex

Role Playing is a great way to have fun and can really allow you to live out some of your deep dark secrets. Exploring fantasy is a great way of keeping your lovemaking fresh and fully ‘switched on’. Have some fun, discuss roles you might like to play, then get into costume and go for it!

Some rules:
– You must always agree with your partner / lover that you are acting out a role or fantasy.
– Agree some common boundaries for the role play.
– Communicate your fantasies with each other!- Do be prepared to compromise a bit, after all his idea of fun might not be as yours.
– Don’t force anyone to get involved in your fantasies, if they don’t want to o be a part of it respect their wishes.- On the other hand open up your mind and allow yourself to push your own sexual boundaries a little, you may enjoy the experience!

Some ideas:
Painter and his model
You don’t have to be a great artist to paint your partner. All you need is a strong and creative passion for the physical body – and a playful desire to experiment. Painting your naked lover is an interesting experience. Whether you have artistic talent or not, it is an extremely sensual exercise and can be highly erotic and satisfying in itself. It gives the painter a chance to study their lover’s form long and hard – and to feast their eyes on every hollow, mould and angle that make up the human body. You can also paint on your lover’s body with a water-base paint…

Ancient Roma

Take yourselves on a trip back in time to the most sensual and decadent of all civilizations and partake in the extraordinary physical pleasures of ancient Rome. With a few props and very little planning, you can create the atmosphere of ancient Rome in your own home and submit to an orgy of pleasure for a day.
One of the greatest of all legacies bestowed by the Romans is the bath. In the ancient world, the bath was not just considered a simple means of getting clean; it was a form of recreation, a way of relaxing and socializing. The humblest citizens could enjoy the pleasures of the huge and cavernous public baths, while the nobility had their very own bathing halls in which to while away the mornings and afternoons.
Revived by the food and wine, you can enjoy each other’s body again. This time, you can undress each other completely if you choose – a simple tug should free each of you from the restrictions of your robes. Comfortable on a bed of cushions, you can experiment with athletic positions or, satiated with food and sex, resort to the easiest and most gratifying. Whatever you get up to, make it a romp to remember!

Cowboy and Indian

Childhood games of cowboys and Indians take on a completely new dimension when played with your partner grown-up style. So pick up a hat, put on some warping and prepare for an afternoon of pleasure. If you are playing the part of the sheriff, then you can use handcuffs; if a simple cowboy, then use your lasso or your whip. If you are taking the role of the Indian brave or squaw, then use a piece of thick trapper’s rope. But no matter if you have little more than a dressing gown cord – it is the depth of your fantasy that counts.


Spice your sex: Striptease

Do you like to spice your sexual relationship? Try a striptease for your lover… here are some tips for a good stripper:

  • Like playing the piano, striptease needs practice. Make rehearsals in front of the mirror with the music you selected.
  • Good Go-Go dancer need flexibility. If you wont to be amazing you must do some workout regularly.
  • Dancing movment need to be round and floating with a lot of hip movements. Try to imitate cat’s movements.
  • Touch yourself. Move your hands on your body, just don’t do it to aggressive, the idea is to create mystery and anticipation.
  • Use a chair and play with it like it is a man. Move your hip next to it. Play with it.
    Select an erotic music like RnB, Cabaret or exotic music.
  • No one had a perfect body. Use candles for light, everyone looks better.
  • Costume is important. Wear something unique, something that you can take off part by part. Strip slowly!
  • Touch him!

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