Bangkok Love Story

24 05 2008

Well I guess I might be far left behind for this movie, my friend call me few days ago and ask me to download Bangkok Love Story. After spent 2 days with Torrent then I manage to watch the movie, I would say this is sad movie and it tells real life of PLU life, as usual it must have conflict with relationships, parrent, disease and awareness and etc.

Below are the summary of this movie, and I already upload the file at,you must have Torrent software and registred member with (It’s free).

A loner gunman named Mhek is assigned to kidnap a police informant named It, but Mhek has a change of heart when he is ordered to kill It. In a gunbattle with his employers, Mhek is wounded, but It grabs Mhek’s gun and returns fire. The two men then escape on Mhek’s motorcycle. At Mhek’s rooftop hide-out, It tends to Mhek’s wound and finds himself attracted to Mhek. While giving Mhek a bath one day, It initiates sexual intercourse with the hitman. Conflicted, Mhek demands that It leave him alone. It returns home to his fiancee, Sai, but is no longer interested in continuing a relationship with her. It spends his days pining over Mhek, and tracks down Mhek’s brother, Mhok, and their mother. Mhok is HIV positive, as the result of sexual abuse by his and Mhek’s stepfather, and their mother is dying of AIDS.

Mhek’s dream is to take his mother and brother away from Bangkok to the mountains of Mae Hong Son Province. But after Mhek’s mother has realised Mhok sold himself to survive, she commits suicide by hanging herself. At the same time It’s fiancee, Sai, also witnesses Mhek and It kissing, and terminates their marriage plans. Meanwhile, Mhek’s former employers are gunning for him. It decides to take matters into his own hands, and goes to Mhek’s bosses’ hide-out and shoots them both. Mhek, meanwhile, is planning to meet his brother at the railway station to leave Bangkok for good. But before he can board the train, he is apprehended by the police and sent to prison.

Years pass by. Mhok suicided himself at a Hospice in Northern Thailand on a day when he no longer has energy to fight with the disease. It visits Mhek in prison and reveals that he was left blind in the final gunbattle with Mhek’s bosses. Eventually, Mhek is released from prison, and It meets him. But before the two men can leave to start their life together, Mhek is gunned down by an assassin. It eventually gets his sight back, and the first thing he does is to look at his mobile phone, which has a picture of Mhek on it that he took many years before and a video taken by Mhek himself saying that all in long , he had love It and he will love him to his last breathe.



2 responses

8 04 2010
Edlina Bahari

Taste kan kalo dapat BF macam Mhek…

*tajuk muvee kakak nanti – Suamiku Bekas Banduan…

8 04 2010

i jadi penasihat yer, kalu lagi bagus jadik watak polis pun ok gak

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