Movie – Shaving Kink Trilogy (3 + 2 full vids)

Hi Guyz
Tonight’s theme is dedicated to a generous supplier of Kink to the Kink Trilogy Foundation, A. Thanks again guy!
Now can an everyday practice like shaving be “Kink”? Can someting be “Kink” when it’s even a theme in popular hit songs like “Shave to Love” (Bryan Ferry), “Shave that Booty” (KC & the Sunshine Band) or “Shave, Shave, Shave” (Shirley & Company)?
Well yes it can: shaving is used successfully to depersonalise slaves, in order to aptly degrade them to mere objects of nasty lusting. The movie best illustrating this is “Shaved Down”, #4 on the list below. For similar examples posted earlier see for instance Scott O’ Hara’s ordeal in “Slave Auction” (link in footnote 2) or the excellent Japanse SM movie in the folder mentioned in footnote 3.
The shaved heads of Skins work quite the other way round however; this is illustrated in the last movie. For more Skinhead footage, see footnote 4.
Now please note that the movies 3/4/5 are the actual Trilogy. Strictly speaking, the 1st movie does not classify for the theme “Shaving Kink” as although it contains shaving it ‘s hardly kinky, while the 5th one with Skins is kinky enough indeed but only shows results of shaving, not the act.
Before proceeding to the feature movies, first a question: what were you doing in 1993? Well, at least if you’re from the US, apparently you were shaving. Unintentionally, the first four movies underneath are all US and all shot in or around 1993 – which is undisputedly to be regarded as statistically significant (also see footnote 1)
The movies:
Title: Razor Close (US)
Studio: see vidcaps
Year: 1993
Running time: 0:52 Hrs 

Size: 367 Mb

Quality: OK

Content: contains vanilla shaving. OK mainsteam porn otherwise, though one may be somewhat surprised that it got an AVN nomination.


Title: Bound, Shaved, Enslaved (US)
Studio: B*b J*nes
Year: around 1993
Running time: 0:42 Hrs

Size: 300 Mb

Quality: OK

Content: [quote from the producer] “Explicit hardcore action featuring guy’s who enjoy punishment. Squeezing, pinching, clamping, heels, leather and so much more! Loads of kinks and fetishes in one great flick!” [unquote]

Of course, that’s an ad… As usual for this producer, the pace is quite slow and the K-factor moderate, but the studio has its fans. Check the vidcaps to decide…


Title: Shaven, Spanked, Humiliated (US)
Studio: see vidcaps
Year: 1993
Running time: 0:48 Hrs
Size: 336 Mb
Quality: OK
Content: [quote from the producer] “Taken to the shed for what was supposed to be a man-to-man talk, the handsome army stud with the horse cock takes advantage of his buddy by threatening to reveal him. The big, buffed victim is shaved into little boy status and forced to suck cock. [unquote]
Comment: Well… the shaving is there alright, but you’ll have to enjoy quite light spanking and forget about the promise of humiliation. ..
Title: Shaved Down (US)
Studio: G*P
Year: 1993
Running time: 1:02 Hrs
Size: 439 Mb
Quality: OK
Content: [quote from the producer] “Newcomer Dylan is another young beauty who crosses paths with Master S. B. David on a particularly demanding day. Tight ropes, cruel bit gags, and tit clips all have the same effect on Dylan: they all give him a raging hard-on. In heavy irons, his mouth taped shut, his head is shaved smooth as a billiard ball. Then the slave is spread-eagled and has his crotch and pits shaved clean. The result is a very turned-on Master and slave fuck fest.”
Comment: quite wel put. Definitely the most highly recommended movie to tonight’s theme.
Title: Cum Fucking Sk*nhe*ds (US)
Studio: see vidcaps
Year: 2008
Running time: 1:53 Hrs
Size: 1290 Mb
Quality: excellent
Content: [quote from the producer] “This kinky fantasy features the hottest water sports, humiliation, abuse and role-play as hung muscle-studs breed their victim bareback. The action includes watersports, facial cum shots, group sex, spitting, rimming, boot licking, blowjobs, spanking, gagging, humiliation and abuse.”
Quite aptly described this time… recommended for fans of (lots of) piss, skins and barebacking
Link to the Shaving Kink Trilogy:

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